Amery Rey Tuesta

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Amery is well known from his previous bands, Espinaks and Zuraz. Where he played bass and performed/toured many shows and received critical acclaim through radio airplay throughout Lima, Peru, and also made a TV appearance. He has created a very innovative platform and has garnered a respectable fan base and a recognizable name in many music scenes as a solo artist. With an insatiable drive and undeniable talent with proper experience on stage and off, the rising artist released his album Menscor, which captivated many ears and received many positive reviews from many well-known industry blogs including SleepingBagStudios and more. Shortly after this, He released the sophomore album, Mr. Black Pants, which topped its predecessor. Many tracks from the album were played in many online radio networks across the globe after its initial released, and the album was featured on Cross Radar, Indierockcafe and many more. December 15th of the year 2016 comes to a close, the rising Artist released his most remarkable album, Latinoameryca. Which became highly anticipated from both his fan base and the industry alike. He released in May 2017 his most ambitious and masterpiece, Which impressed the music industry to the point to get to work with Ostereo. As the artist continues his winning streak with new music and shows in the shortcoming, expect nothing less than amazing efforts from Amery Rey Tuesta throughout 2017 and beyond.