Graham G. Marshall

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The Revd Graham G. Marshall
7, The Woods,
OL11 3NT
United Kingdom

b.10.11.1938 Graduated B.A.(Hons Music) University College, Durham UK 1960; Postgraduate Research Scholar 1960-63; Conductor, Durham Colleges Light Opera Group (1958-60, 1961-63), Durham Colleges Orchestra (1961-62); Organist and Choirmaster St. Mary-le-Bow, Durham (1958-60, 1961-3); Ordination Training, St. Chad's College, Durham (1963-65). Dip. Theol.(1965) Retired from parochial ministry in the Church of England in 2002. Founder member and Conductor of the Rochdale Light Orchestra since 2008. Vice-Chairman, North West Composers Association.

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