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Hello and welcome to Griffmusic@Score

I have a variety of scores here ranging from the very simple (eg "Beginning the Blues") to the very advanced (eg "In Nomine") plus music for use in the classroom (eg "Create a Good Impression").

Some scores are free and some have a price attached. A high price often means that there is an assumption that multiple copies will be made e.g. choral music. Contact me in person if you wish to negotiate!


Originally from Merthyr Tydfil in Wales, I have lived and worked in Edinburgh for nearly 20 years. I studied Music at Magdalen College, Oxford where I held a Choral Award. I first started to take composition seriously when I began my career as a teacher as I found it difficult to find music which was easy enough for my young choir to learn but which wasn't childish or patronising towards them. As such most of the music I have written - particularly the choral music - was written with young performers in mind though many of my choral pieces have been performed by adult choirs too. My carol A Hymn to the Virgin won the 2012 A Carol for Christmas competition, was premiered by The King's Singers, broadcast on Classic FM and published by Novello. It can be purchased here -


"It is just superb" Graham Lack in the May 2013 edition of International Choral Bulletin on A Hymn to the Virgin

"Thanks & congratulations on a superb carol that perfectly suited the incomparable style of The King's Singers" Tweet from Concerts at King's, 22nd Dec 2012, on A Hymn to the Virgin

“…alluring contemporary sounds…” Kenneth Walton, The Scotsman, 8th April 2001 on In Nomine

“…in his settings Steven Griffin writes beautiful phrase lines for the voices, matching them with clever use of both the resonance and lyrical possibilities of the clarsach…” Isobel Mieras of na Clarsairean on I Sing of a Maiden and When Christ Was Born of Mary Free

“…I stumbled upon your lovely choral music and wondered how I could get hold of your scores..” Jennifer Moss, Musical Director of Manawatu Community Choir, New Zealand on score samples found using a google search


I have uploaded mp3 recordings of as many scores as I have recordings of! The majority of the recordings were "live" and used fairly antique recording equipment so the sound quality isn't always brilliant but hopefully it will give the listener an idea of how the music goes.

If you plan to perform any of my music then I am absolutely delighted. Please email to let me know how it goes!


Please email with details of performances of my music:- I'm always pleased to hear that internet publishing actually works and have had pieces performed as far away from home as the USA and New Zealand. Let me know how your performance has gone!

If you like my music why not "like" my facebook page!!!! Griffmusic on Facebook

You can follow me on Twitter @mrgriffmusic

As I get more recordings of pieces I've written I'll create videos and upload them to my youtube channel. Griffmusic on Youtube

If you like the music I've written and arranged and would like me to write something for you please get in contact.

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