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Hi there, and welcome! It's hard to believe that next year, I'll have been with Sibelius for 10 years, but it's pretty cool anyway. I'm a self-taught composer, and I dabble in piano, as well. I haven't had much time to compose lately, but I'm very proud to announce my latest creation, Ebony. It's an arrangement of Londonderry Air (for many of us, more commonly known as Danny Boy). I bought a horse last year, and what can I say, I'm kind of attached to her. Because I had no local place to keep her yet, I would go out on the weekends to visit her, over two hours away. When I was leaving, I used to sing Danny Boy to her, because its message of sadness and loss mixed with the hopefulness of meeting again seemed so appropriate to our situation. After a few weeks, though, I realized that it was I who had to leave, and not her, as in Danny Boy. And so I wrote lyrics that would work for us. The piece is written for clarinet solo for now - it seems to work well - but if there's a tenor out there who wants to sing it as it was originally done, you have my blessings, and I'd love to hear it performed.

Other than that, you'll find all of my other music, from my earliest attempts with Why Do People Cry? (lyrics and melody by my sister), through my attempts to save the world from lack of trombone solo pieces (I particularly like The Trombone of those), symphonic writing, unusual instrumentation, and so on. My music's very diverse, so if one piece doesn't suit your fancy, don't let that stop you from trying another one on.

As a general note, I would love for you to perform my pieces - please do so with my blessing, and if you record it, please send it to me! It would be fantastic to get to hear one of my pieces played. I'm also open to arranging for other instrumentation, so if you have a special request, please feel free to ask, and for those inclined toward constructive feedback, I want to hear from you, too!

So, please, go, look, listen, enjoy, and let me hear from you.

All the Best, Greg Turnipseed