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I was born in Barcelona in 1964, I am a scientist and I have been composing non-professionally for the last 20 years. My favourite composers are Bach, Mahler and Schoenberg. I compose mainly chamber works, using a combination of traditional and modern harmony. I regard as my principal works to date my String Quartet No. 5, the single-movement Piano Quintet in A minor, and my Variations for String Quartet, which is a serial composition. Other works are the String Quartets Nos. 2, 3 and 4. In my latest work I seek to write more freely and emotionally, as reflected in the Symphony No. 1 that I am presently composing. I play the Renaissance lute, and a lot of what I play is from the Renaissance era, having a strong interest in ancient music, so I present here also a series of pieces for lute in which I try to combine a modern language with the possibilities and history of this instrument. New Composers Web Ring [ Join Now

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