Rupert Cheek

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Mr Rupert Cheek
Flat 6, 23 Adelaide Road, Surbiton
United Kingdom

Music is my passion. I have been musical since I was about 3 years old (I'm 30 now), when I started to play the piano and the drums, both of which I still play. I have been composing since 1996.

I play piano and the drums, on my own and as accompaniment to other musicians. I play drums/piano for a rock group. I write about music, and have a specific interest in Philip Glass.

I play drums for Mars Fortress.

I manage a pianist agency called Piano Talent

I am working (composer / creative director) on a music theatre/opera project called "We All Know Too Much" based on a book of the same name by Chris Eales. Find out more about it at WAKTM and at Facebook.

I took part in transit station in Berlin in Feb 2005 and Edinburgh in Feb 2006 and look forward to taking part again. I worked as a pianist at Sheen Mount School in 2005. I worked as a playworker during 2006-7.

Find out more about the music I'm doing, and listening to at my facebook page