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Noteworthy Musical Editions
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Mark Starr is Editorial Director of Noteworthy Musical Editions & Orchestral Music Rental Library.

Noteworthy publishes unusual works of distinction by major composers - particularly by composers from the 19th and early-20th Centuries. It's specialty is new orchestrations of works now in the public domain in the EU, the US, Canada and Asia. You can visit the website of Noteworthy Musical Editions at

Mark Starr has orchestrated significant works by such composers as Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Scriabin, Faure, Ravel, Dukas, Borodin, Sousa, Vieuxtemps, Alkan, Albeniz, and many others.

For some of these works, the original orchestrations may have been lost over time. In several cases, the composers' orchestrations were never published. And for some works that were never orchestrated by their composers, Mark Starr has created new orchestrations in the style of the period and the country in which the composer wrote them.

Noteworthy's catalog includes numerous orchestrations of concerted works. These works were originally composed for a solo instrument or voice with piano accompaniment. Now, they are arranged for the same solo instrument but with orchestral accompaniment.

Moreover, Noteworthy provides reduced orchestrations: for chamber orchestra or string orchestra.

Thus, Noteworthy offers works that are available nowhere else. All of its editions are copyright and registered with ASCAP.

Noteworthy Musical Editions offers an orchestral music rental library. It makes available its scores and instrumental parts to symphony orchestras and chamber orchestras for performances and/or recordings in the U. S., U. K., Europe, Asia and Canada.

Noteworthy Musical Editions will evaluate submissions by other arrangers of new orchestrations of works in the public domain for possible inclusion in its orchestral parts rental library – provided those orchestrations are already notated in Sibelius. Arrangers: please send your inquiries to

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