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United Kingdom

Tapio Sayppo (born in Helsinki, Finland, living in Esher, England) is a professional composer, arranger, choir conductor, music teacher (many instruments and all music theory subjects from basic theories and for example writing and playing of figured bass to harmony, counterpoint, arranging, orchestration, composing etc.), cantor-organist, pianist, bass singer, and specialist in and trainer of information, music, sound and studio technologies at MSTS Music Studio, Helsinki, Finland. He studied 1973–1988 at Helsinki Conservatoire, Lahti Music Academy, Sibelius Academy (Helsinki), Klemetti College of Music and Art (Orivesi), and Music Science Faculty of Helsinki University main subjects and lines of study being piano, church organ, solo singing, choir conducting and composing.

As a composer, Mr Sayppo writes music for any kind of orchestras, ensembles, instruments, choirs, singers and combinations of these in any style from baroque and "traditional classical" to romantic, impressionistic, atonal and "modern" (a word Tapio doesn't like, that's why in quotes) contemporary music of our time. No instrument and performance machinery or style limits, that is. Tapio gave his first composition concert in the year 1983 (the main composition performed was his 6-movement Swedish-language 130-page cantata for two solo singers, mixed choir, chamber orchestra and continuo). He has composed roughly 600 works of music.

Composing movie, TV, theatre, exhibition and other project music is also what he does. If you need rock'n'roll, you'll get that from him, too. Anything goes. Tapio is also an experienced band leader and rock, pop, dance and entertainment musician (bass, guitar, organ, piano, synthesizers, vocals, drums). He has been playing in more than 100 bands and alone as a gig, dancing hall, club, restaurant and ship musician.

Tapio Sayppo’s military rank is senior lieutenant (officer of chemical and nuclear weapons).