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David Vaughan is no longer an active composer, however prior to 2006 he was a Brisbane-based composer with an interest in game music. David graduated with a Bachelor of Music in Composition from the Queensland Conservatorium of Music (Griffith University) in Brisbane, Australia in 2006. He received many commissions in Townsville and Brisbane and had works performed in Australia and internationally. The piece Dreamhunter alone has been purchased and performed in many countries and territories including Australia, the Netherlands, Peru, the United States, China, Taiwan, Belgium and the Northern Mariana Islands. In 2001 he was awarded equal first place with Brisbane composer Rachel Merton in the ASME Young Composers' Competition. Later he wrote the soundtrack for the cinematic project Pact of Vengeance by Vojta Kynčl, which was awarded an honourable mention and fourth place in the Blizzard Cinematic Contest on Battle.net.

David Vaughan studied music under Estelle Huxley from 1997 to 2001, and during this time David was awarded equal first in the 2001 Australian Society for Music Education [Queensland Chapter] Young Composers' Competition. In 2002 he began his tertiary studies at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music. In his time as a student at the Conservatorium, he studied composition under an assortment of Australian composers, beginning with Allan Walker, Stephen Cronin, Gerard Brophy and finishing his conservatorium composition studies with the Argentinian composer Gerardo Dirié. David had an avid interest in game and film music, and wrote the soundtracks for various computer game modification projects, and worked with renowned game composer Jason Hayes, of Blizzard Entertainment fame, to run an online collaborative environment for composers of all skill levels interested in gaining experience in the genre.

David Vaughan received many commissions for film, computer games, and concert works in his short career as a composer, including several works purchased by high schools. Here is a selection of these:


  • Pact of Vengeance - Commissioned by Vojta Kynčl to score the cinematic, which received honourable mention and fourth place in the Blizzard Cinematic Competition on Battle.net.
  • Counterstrike at Quel'Thalas - Commissioned by Andrej Galuf to write the soundtrack for the WarCraft III game modification.
  • The Dawn of Chaos - Commissioned by Jeff Mercer to work on the soundtrack for the Realm Design WarCraft: Orcs and Humans remake project, The Dawn of Chaos.


  • A Troubled Mind - Commissioned by Angela Sellers to score the short film
  • A Wake - Commissioned by Jan Christian Frugaard to score the documentary alongside fellow Conservatorium composer Tegan Cumerford.


  • Dead Space - Commissioned by Miranda Nixon to score the short film.
  • Torn - Commissioned by Angela Sellars to score the short film.
  • Listen Boy - Commissioned to write the song for The Cabaret Room, which was a part of the Jammin' Festival organised by the South Bank Corporation.


  • My Imagination - Commissioned by Bonnie Lawton to score the short film.
  • Insanity - Commissioned by Miranda Nixon to score the short film.
  • Amara's Love Symphony - Commissioned by Brian Pack.
  • Dreamhunter - Commissioned by Iona College for the Iona Senior Percussion Ensemble. This piece was released on the Composers in Schools Project Series 2 Compact Disc produced by the Queensland Conservatorium of Music.
  • Sonata for Bassoon and Strings in Bb7 - Commissioned by bassoonist Gemma Bartlett for herself and the Pimlico State High School String Orchestra.


  • Triumphant Fanfare - Commissioned by David Ellis for the Townsville Youth Bands' Concert Band 1.
  • Naïve Passions - Commissioned by Richard Newell for the Pimlico State High School Symphony Orchestra.
  • A Walk Along the Strand - Commissioned by the Townsville City Council to collaborate with Thomas McConochie to compose and produce the Compact Disc as part of the Australian Centenary of Federation Celebrations.

David Vaughan also received commissions for arrangements:

  • Commissioned by Estelle Huxley to arrange Man of Spiel for the William Ross State High School Vocal Ensemble (2004).
  • Arranged Man of Spiel for the Pimlico State High School 'Palm Trio' (the ensemble entered the 2002 Australian Festival of Chamber Music School Competition with the piece and came second).
  • Commissioned by Roslyn Johnson to compose violin passages for the William Ross State High School's production of Little Shop of Horrors (2000).
  • Commissioned by Noel Price to arrange songs for the Heatly State Primary School's production of Anastasia (2000).
  • Commissioned by Richard Newell to arrange popular tunes for the Pimlico State High School String Quartet (1999).