Cedric Peachey

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United Kingdom

Unlike many professionally qualified musicians whose works are featured on this site, I must confess to being self-taught (and no doubt there are some who will add that it shows all too clearly in my music!). One advantage of this, perhaps, is that I never had a teacher pointing out my limitations and therefore had a go at most forms - including writing a torrid opera called "The Slave" when I was sixteen. I also dabbled in a range of styles from lushly romantic to atonal and serial. Since then, I have built up an embarrassingly large backlog of works in progress, including a suite for puppet theatre, a setting of the Latin Mass, a chamber symphony, several song settings and assorted pieces for the piano.

My discovery of the Sibelius software platform in 2001 helped crystallise many of my compositions and I hope to add them progressively to the scores already featured on this site. My musical tastes are fairly eclectic, from early classical to Shostakovitch, from traditional jazz to Broadway musicals and film scores. The most pervasive influences, however, come from the dazzling after-glow cast by post-romantic composers and I have an immense soft spot for Richard Strauss, especially his lieder and his late works.

Please feel free to e-mail me with your comments on my efforts to date. Music for me is communication at its purest and most direct and if I succeed in conveying some of the pleasure I felt when composing my pieces, I shall be more than satisfied.

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